Full Mouth Construction

Many of our patients go years without visiting the dentist, experience trauma that leaves their smile less-than-perfect or have severely decaying teeth. When a patient has a number of restorative, cosmetic, and oral-health problems, a full mouth reconstruction can often bring their smile back to life.  The Broward Dental Group has a precise and thorough reconstruction process that creates astounding results.

A full mouth reconstruction involves the individual recreation of each tooth in the mouth where the dentition is worn, broken, extensively decayed or missing.  It may also apply to patients experiencing chronic headaches and pain in the jaw muscles or jaw joints (TMJ).  Some patients seek a more attractive smile whereas others yearn for reliable teeth that allow them to eat comfortably.  The benefits of a full mouth reconstruction is an amazingly beautiful smile and stable dentition using durable materials that will stand the test of time.  The end result is an enhanced appearance that allows the patient to enjoy the confidence and attractiveness he or she has always desired.  Advances in dental technologies allow doctors to do impressive cosmetic reconstructions and to make them more painless than ever before.

In addition to the energy and compassion of our team, our office is also designed to make the most out of your time here.  Our friendly staff, doctors, and hygienist all work together to make our patients well informed and to make them feel as comfortable as possible.  With comfortable amenities and a peaceful environment, The Broward Dental Group puts our patients first.

It’s never too late to take control of your oral health and recapture the smile of your youth.  Contact The Broward Dental Group in Broward County today to schedule your free consultation.  We look forward to meeting you!