Pain Free Anesthesia

STA Technology

Dr. Michael Ramer and his team are dedicated to providing cutting–edge technology that not only makes treatment more efficient, but more comfortable as well.  We are proud to utilize the latest in dental anesthesia – Single Tooth Anesthesia (STA) or Digital Anesthesia.

This computer-controlled delivery system allows Dr. Ramer to painlessly deliver local anesthetic to the single tooth being treated, with greater comfort, faster onset of numbness, and less duration of numbness than the traditional dental injection.  The STA eliminates the after effects of a numb tongue or cheek, which means you no longer have to wait hours before having a cup of coffee without drooling or without worrying about having a fat lip, lopsided face, or the worry of biting your lip or tongue!

CompuDent, which is the brain behind the STA system, manages the flow and volume of anesthesia being delivered, and it also offers more accuracy for the area being numbed.  The STA pen-sized wand, through which the regulated anesthesia flows, does not look or feel like a syringe.  A drop of topical numbing agent first numbs the injection site, and then the tiny needle creates a comfortable injection pathway.

Patient comfort is one of our primary concerns, so we are proud to have integrated the STA system into our practice.


  • The STA anesthesia delivery system is the state of the art system for giving dental anesthetic.